Housing boom in Kitakyushu now?

Housing boom in Kitakyushu now?

They are popping up all over the city now.  It's been a while since we've heard it, but banks and home builders are saying things are looking better and they are constructing new houses around the greater Kitakyushu area now.  Prices are quite reasonable, also.

One reason is that the economy seems to be getting better, partly due to the resurgence  of the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) in the Japanese government.  The other party took a lot of the blame and wasn't so effective.  Based on these hopes, companies are seemingly becoming a bit more confident and aggressive.

Another underlying reason for the rush now would be the unfortunately seemingly unavoidable increase of Japan's national consumption tax (sales tax in the USA).  It is currently at five percent, but the government is leaning towards increasing it to ten percent.  Five percent savings is quite an amount, so investors and people buying homes are trying to take advantage of the lower consumption tax while they still can.

The success and aggressive home builders like Arnest One who are manufacturing a large variety of house at quite low rates is also a leading factor in the current boom we see developing.  A new house in Kitakyushu can be had for quite a reasonable price now. 

Hopefully the trend will continue and Kitakyushu will enjoy further prosperity.  The current mayor has a good reputation and is working hard to make Kitakyushu a better place for both citizens and businesses.  The last few years have seen good outside investment into Kitakyushu, as well as solid and well planned improvements to the city in general and its infrastructure.

Kitakyushu is also enjoying positive exposure nationally in films.  The Kitakyushu Film Commission, also called "KFC" is apparently finger lickin' good for filmmakers.  A lot of high profile, high budget films have been set in Kitakyushu over the last couple of years.  Good PR for the city, and it brings in some decent money for local businesses and the people of Kitakyushu.

All in all, things are looking good.  Now is probably one of the best times to invest in Kitakyushu real estate or buy a residential property for yourself.  Inquiries in English can be handled by Matt at Mikawa Real Estate.  His contact details are here:

by El Matador