You want to know, so here is the flow.  The flow of buying or investing in lucrative Japanese real estate in Kitakyushu City is actually quite simple.  The below is a general outline of what to expect when purchasing an "owner change" (tenant stays, owner changes) condominium unit.

1) Find a property you want.  Note:  You are not limited to properties on our homepages.  If you see something for sale on another agency's homepage or advertisement, we can represent you.  Contact us and we will take care of it.

2) Make an offer.  Note:  When you make the offer, the closing generally must be completed within one month.  Price negotiation can only be done when you make an offer.  We will do our best to get you the best possible deal and terms.  Once the offer is accepted, the real estate agencies involved will being preparing the contracts.

3) Prepare to purchase.  Note:  You will need to have an affidavit notarized by a notary public, consulate, or embassy of your country of residence stating your registered address, full name, date of birth, citizenship, sex, and age.  You will also need to prepare the monies required for the property purchase and fees required at closing.  Some people wire the money to us ahead of the purchase to have us disperse the payments.  Some people bring cash or travellers cheques with them and open a Japanese bank account prior to the purchase.  Others have a relative or their company wire the payment via telegraphic transfer.  Payment must be in Japanese yen and is due at closing.  Set your travel schedule and confirm the closing date.  A down payment of 10% may be required and is standard here.  You will need a mitome-in (name stamp) with your name in Japanese.  We can have one made for you before you come to Japan and give it to you when we meet you.  It will cost less than $25 USD but will leave a lasting impression! Choose insurance and a judicial scrivener to oversee the transfer of the property.  You may require the services of a property management company, as well.  We can help with all of this.  The entire process is really pretty painless.  

4) Contract and Special Terms.   Our licensed real estate agent(s) will explain the real estate purchase contract and the special terms of the purchase to you.  If another agency is representing the seller, they will do the same to the seller.  The contract and special terms contracts will be signed and the respective agencies will prepare for closing. 

5) Closing.  At the closing you will make the final payment for the property and disperse payments assorted with the closing (HOA fees, real estate tax, commission to agent, administration fee, judicial scrivener charges, insurance, tax stamps etc).  We can provide and estimate of the fees so you can prepare ahead of time.  When the figures are set, we will also provide these so exact payment amounts can be prepared and dispersed accordingly.  Closing may occur at a room in a bank or at one of the real estate agency offices.  Cash payments are easiest but wire transfer payments can be arranged with proper prior planning.  Documents will be stamped and signed and the property will legally become yours. 

6) Enjoy Return on Investment.  The tenant(s) of the property you have purchased will now pay rent to you.  A Japanese property management can collect rent for you and handle claims from the tenant for a reasonable fee of usually 5% to 10% of the monthly rent.  You should have a Japanese bank account so they can send rental payments to you.  You will also need the bank account to allow for automatic payments for the monthly HOA fees (usually a monthly maintenance fee and a future repairs fund fee).  When the Yen is strong, you might want to exchange money to your home currency.  When the Yen is weak, you might consider doing renovations or buying more properties in Japan.  You have a lot of options.  And, if you wish to liquidate at some point, we can help you sell your property. 

There you have it.  Six easy steps.  (Well, maybe a few more than six if you count all the parts in each step, but it is pretty straightforward and simple.)

We will guide you every step of the way and make everything as smooth and painless for you as possible.