FAQ We answer your Frequently Asked Questions regarding Japanese real estate selling, buying, investing etc. in Kitakyushu City Japan.

Can a foreigner buy Japanese real estate?
Absolutely.  No worries!  We can help.  We've helped people from countries all over the world and every continent except Antarctica with their Japanese real estate needs.    

Can a foreigner buy real estate in Japan without permanent residence, a visa, or citizenship?
Absolutely. No worries!  We can show you how.  It's actually pretty simple.

I am in Japan on vacation and I love it.  I want to buy a vacation home here.  Can I buy a vacation home?
Absolutely.  No worries!  Vacation homes are called Bessou in Japanese.  We can help you buy a bessou that suits your needs.  We can also help you buy a second home (i.e. a real size home), as bessou tend to be more along the lines of cottages than homes.

Do you guys speak English?
Absolutely.  No worries.  Call us in English or Japanese.  We are here to help.

Why should I trust you?
Glad you asked.  It's like this...  We believe that if we are fully honest, upfront, caring, and have genuine concern and desire to help our clients, they will be satisfied.  Satisfied clients ensure we have a good reputation.  We've been dealing in real estate for three decades.  Our longevity was not gained by ripping people off and treating people like scum.  We leave that to dodgy politicians.  Call us, e-mail us, and by all means, get to know us.  We want you to be comfortable dealing with us.  Also, feel free to drop by our office when you are in town or in Japan.