Orio, A great place to live

Orio, a great place to live....

Orio is an extremely convenient place to live.  Everything you need is in Orio.  A major JR train station where all limited express, express, sub-express and local trains on the JR Kagoshima Honse and Chiku Honsen / Fukuhoku Yutaka Sen train lines stop.  You can easily make it to Hakata in Fukuoka, Nakama, Wakamatsu, Kokura, Nogata and Iizuka from Orio.  Parking isn't nearly as expensive as Kokura.  There are good schools in the area and several universities are located in Orio and its immediate surrounding areas.  Orio has an ample selection of restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets and shopping centres.

If you are looking to buy, prices are reasonable.  Get in touch with Mikawa for a look at the current listings of land, condominiums, and houses for sale in the Orio area. 

If you are looking to rent.  The rents for flats and apartments here are quite reasonable.  The fact that universities are nearby may have kept the rents down and affordable. 

People from outside of Orio may incorrectly and ignorantly misinform you about the people and the safety.  Contrary to what you may have heard, the people living in Orio are very friendly and helpful.  Some of the nicest people you'll ever meet come from this area.  There are shops here that have been in business for over 100 years.  They must know how to take care of people!

Anyone interested in living in Orio is encouraged to get in touch with the Matt Rowles at Mikawa Real Estate.  They can help.

Their contact form is located here:  http://www.fudosan-mikawa.com/p/staff.html