High Quality Low Cost RC Apartment Construction

Make your land worth more with high quality low cost RC apartments.

Contrary to popular belief, apartment house / apartment complex construction in Japan is very affordable.  And, if done properly, can be very profitable.

Interested investors are encouraged to contact us at info@house-club.co.jp

We can help you get the perfect rental housing complex on your land, all while helping you save money on taxes and get high return on investment ( ROI ).

Depending on the apartment design you choose, you can construct for as low as 310,000 JPY per 3.3 square metres.

Reinforced concrete apartments in Japan enjoy high occupancy rates and tenants tend to stay longer than those in the cheaper wood apartment houses.

In addition to apartments / flats, we can assist with constructing buildings, condominiums, hospitals, houses, shops / stores, factories, etc.

Feel free to consult with us on your real estate and construction needs!