More good news for Kitakyushu's economy

The real estate market and general economic situation in Kitakyushu looks to keep getting better.

We have some "inside" information that the Kitakyushu football team (soccer team, if you will) is going to get a new stadium.  As we understand it, this means they will be able to host international matches and also be able to host a J-1 top league pro team in the J-League.  J-League is Japan's professional football league / soccer league.

You can check out the Kitakyushu Giravanz homepage here:
Use a translation tool if you want to see it in English.  At the current point in time, they only have a Japanese website.

Besides the influx of money this pretty much guarantees the city and local businesses, it makes Kitakyushu more lucrative in the real estate investor's eye.

It should also be noted that the KFC (Kitakyushu Film Commission - NOT Kentucky Fried Chicken) is very active.  What does this mean?  This means major films are getting filmed on location in Kitakyushu more frequently.  In real terms this equates to heaps of money coming into the city.

Filming takes a long time.  Crews are brought in and put up in local lodging.  Money is spent at local businesses.  Kitakyushu gains exposure in Japan and internationally.  Get the idea?

And, who could forget the Kitakyushu Science and Research Park?  You can read all about it here:  in their English language brochure.  But, let us tell you how it is making the real estate market move by showing you some of the key points they bring up in the brochure:

Utilizing "intelligence" of universities to promote local industries and science...

The construction of a cutting-edge industrial city in Asia that creates new technology and enriches lives.  (Strategic goals of industry and employment in Kitakyushu)

The planned daytime population is 12,000 people...

Without going into too much explanation, it is pretty clear that Kitakyushu is moving up.  It is a prime place for investment.  The already superb infrastructure continues to improve and innovate.  People are getting drawn to Kitakyushu, and the standard of living vis a vis the cost of living is very appealing.

If you are thinking of investing in real estate in Japan.  By all means check out Kitakyushu.  Feel free to contact us with your real estate needs.