It might be Japanese English, but "Owner Change" is good!

"Owner Change", pronounced here as oh-nah-change-ee.  Some might scratch their heads at it, but it's pretty clear.  The property for sale has tenants.  The owners change.  The property and tenants remain.  Hence, owner change.

There are a lot of owner change properties in Japan at the moment.  They are pretty straight forward and easy investments that tend to get snapped up fast.  We just had one nearby that was only about $8,000 USD but the ROI was a whopping 45%.  Needless to say, it sold about the instant it was listed.  The good thing about so-called owner change properties is that you'll be getting rent payments from the get go.  Also, you'll know exactly how much to expect every month.

Skeptics and wall flowers will say "There must be something wrong with it if she's selling it."  Or, "Why would they sell a unit that is making them steady income every month?"  Rest assured it is not because every property has suddenly become defective or a murder site.  Granted, you should still do the due diligence before you invest, but think about it for moment...  Japan's population is aging.  Landlords are passing away, and properties are getting sold by the beneficiaries.  As the population ages, people want to cash in on their investments and live the good life.  See.  These owner change properties can give you the good life.

Persons interested in investing in owner change properties are encouraged to contact us about investing in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Japan.