Felt 716

Japanese apartment building for sale in Kitakyushu City of Fukuoka Prefecture.

Building Name:  FELT 716
Type:                Apartment Building
Access:            JR Kokura Station - 450 metres - 6 minute walk
Price:          1,150,000,000 JPY (1 Billion 150 Million Japanese Yen)

Address:  4-5-22 Kyomachi, Kokura Kita Ku, Kitakyushu Shi, Fukuoka Ken, Japan
Room Types:  1LDK x 9 * 2K x 9 * 2LDK x 27 * Shop/Office x 1
Land Size:  916.60 square metres / 277.27 tsubo
Building Size:  2538.35 square metres / 767.85 tsubo
Building Construction:  RC (reinforced concrete) Construction
Floors:  10 floors
Ownership:  Freehold
Land Category:  Residential Land
Urban Planning:  Designated For Urbanization
District/Area Classification:  Commercial
Building to Land Ratio:  80%
Floor Area Ration:  400%
Other Rules / Laws:  Semi Fire Prevention District
Constructed:  March 2008 (Heisei Year 20)
Parking:  Yes - 38 Parking Spaces
Current Status:  Rented Out / Tenanted / Occupied
Transfer:  TBD
Road Border:  Borders a 9 metre wide public road on the south side by 45 metres

Other Details:  
Sub-Lease Service (guaranteed rent and parking fees)
Monthly Income Approximately 4,329,941 JPY
Annual Income Approximately 51,953,892 JPY
Gross ROI (hyomen-rimawari) 4.8%

Felt 716 is an excellent apartment building of high quality construction in an absolutely superb location.  It is convenient to both Kitakyushu's most major train and monorail station, Kokura Station and near shopping centres and arcades. Due to it's closeness to JR Kokura Station and its large parking lot, this is highly recommended.  When tenants / renters do leave, finding new ones should be no problem!

If you are considering investing in a Japanese apartment building in Kitakyushu, you should seriously consider the Felt buildings we currently have listed for sale.