Invest in Japanese Real Estate

INVEST IN JAPANESE REAL ESTATE believes that now is an excellent time to invest in Japanese real estate. There are so many bargains to be had.  Foreclosures can be bought cheaply. Real estate agencies like House Club in Kitakyushu can assist you in buying a property, renovating the property, and reselling or renting it out. They also offer property management and maintenance. Demand in Japan for larger rental units is increasing. A new trend here is for owners of larger manshon / mansion / condominiums is to rent out their 4LDK 5LDK or larger size condominiums. Home owners are also finding this fruitful as there is definite demand for persons wishing to rent single family homes. Houses are not that expensive, contrary to popular misconception, and can be rented out quite easily. We suggest contacting a Japanese realtor such as MIKAWA (link below) and seeing what is available in this very promising investor market we have right now.